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Cellular Degradation

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Cellular Degradation

Dillon Bastan
54 ratings

FREE Max for live device! Cellular Degradation combines a cellular automaton with a polyphonic tone generator. Each stereo voice of the tone generator corresponds to each column of the cellular automaton's grid, while each row corresponds to the associated tone generator's audio parameters. The changing values of the cells from the cellular automata modulate the audio parameters of the tone generators. Check out the walkthrough for more info.

The tone generators roughly follow this chain:

Sample playback (at a very low rate, like an LFO) >> SVF (LP/HP Morph) >> Delay Line >> Normalization via Envelope Following >> Feedback and cross-modulation (between left and right channel pair, modulates FM, AM, and sample lookup)



TO INSTALL: drop the unzipped folder into this folder: ableton/user library/presets/instruments/max instruments. For some users when extracting/unzipping the files, it creates some extra subfolders. In that case, delete all the extra stuff, leaving just the device folder (In this case "Cellular Degradation")

If you have issues, make sure you have the newest versions of Live and Max!

*Update v1.0.1* 

Now the mouse click on the center UI for drawing can be recorded in Live's automation system, for recording drawings in time with Live's transport

You can also donate to me via paypal if you'd like to:


Issues, etc:

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