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Strange Mod

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Strange Mod

Dillon Bastan
86 ratings

Strange Mod is a FREE max for live modulator. NOTE: Though it's free, if you decide to purchase it, then 100% of the money will be donated to various charities. Contact me if you wanna know which one(s) it is currently going to.

Video here:

Strange Mod uses several Strange or Chaotic Attractors to produce a moving 3D coordinate. The coordinate may be mapped to various parameters in Live similar to an LFO. The difference is that chaotic attractors do not repeat the exact same progression, although each has its own structure. So you can get tons of endless variety while having similar flows for each attractor. This is a simple device and there have been many implementations of chaotic attractors (especially Lorenz) in sound/music, have fun exploring!


If you are using a cracked version of Live 10 or are experiencing crashes: go to the cycling74 website and download the newest version of max8 there (you don't need a license) then in your Live preferences, set its version of max to the newly downloaded version of max8. It should fix the crashes.

*Update 1.0.1*

Fixed attempt to redeclare 'e' constant

*Update 1.0.2*

Fixed scaling issue in Aizawa

*Update 1.0.3*

Fixed issue where map menus were open by default for some users

Long Walkthrough:

You can also donate to me via paypal if you'd like to:

If you have issues email me:

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