Ripple Filter - Max for Live Audio Effect

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Ripple Filter - Max for Live Audio Effect

Dillon Bastan
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**IMPORTANT** You need the latest version of Live 10 to load the presets (as of June 2020). The device itself (but not the presets) appears to still work fine on Live 9, no issues are found yet, but Live 9 hasn't been tested as much. If you use it with Live 9 and have issues, please let me know!**

Ripple Filter is both an FFT filter and an oscillator bank controlled by a water ripple simulation. 100% of sales for Ripple Filter will be donated to charities and organizations fighting against injustices, promoting human and animal rights, and protecting the environment, FOREVER! The funds will be split amongst various organizations (and suggestions are welcome in the future, just reach out to me). This is the first in hopefully a series of devices that will do this and hopefully can become a steady source of money to support positive change.

For August-September 2020 the funds will exclusively go to help the people in Beirut.

This is a max for live audio effect. The water ripple simulation has two “listeners” that “listen” to slices of the simulation (one listener on the x-axis and one on the y). These listeners can either be an FFT filter or an oscillator bank providing results from lofi/harsh to smooth and pretty. The values of the water on any point of the segment the listener is listening to set the amplitude values of the FFT filter/oscillators. Water ripples can be made either by 2 automatic “drips” or by clicking/dragging the simulation with the mouse (mouse clicks can also be recorded and looped). Additionally, walls can be created in the simulation to control the water flow. For the FFT filter, the input can either be the audio input on the track, and/or from an internal noise oscillator. There are various settings for controlling the water simulation, listeners and automatic drips. The device contains no internal LFOs to keep things simple, but it is highly encouraged to use mod sources like the max for live LFO to create dynamics the listeners :)


Unfortunately, the water simulation in the max for live device MUST run queue limited, which will mean that when you do certain processes (such as load a new device, scroll around, save the live set, and especially things dealing with graphics) the simulation will pause, and thus all the dynamics will pause. This shouldn't cause any issue for performance and recording (unless maybe you are loading heavy devices live), but while editing your track you will hear the sound freeze sometimes (depending on how good your graphics card is).


Drop the "Ripple Filter" folder into: (user/music/ableton/user library/presets/audio effects/max audio effect). For some users when extracting/unzipping the files, it creates some extra subfolders. In that case, delete all the extra stuff, leaving just the device folder (In this case "Ripple filter")







YOU CAN ALSO PAY ME WITH PAYPAL INSTEAD! Contact me below to do so.

For any issues/comments/etc reach out to me: dillonbastan@gmail.com

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