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Fractal Filters

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Fractal Filters

Dillon Bastan
89 ratings

Fractal Filters is a FREE max for live device. NOTE: Although it's free, if you purchase it then 100% of the money will be donated to various causes, reach out to me if you want to know where the money is going now!

Video here:

Fractal Filters uses a visualization of Julia Set fractals to create a set of amplitudes for a 50 band filterbank. It does so by taking a "slice" of the 2D image (either a single row or column) and using that list of values as the filterbank amplitudes. Noise or input audio is sent through the filterbank. The Q of the filters can go really high as to create tones if desired, and there are scale and tuning options for the filterbank. Additionally, Scala files (.scl) can be dropped onto the "Scale" menu to use custom tunings! THIS DEVICE IS INTENDED TO BE USED WITH MODULATORS. Otherwise, it will have no dynamics. So map away and have fun!

TO INSTALL: drop the unzipped folder into this folder: ableton/user library/presets/audio effects/max audio effects. For some users when extracting/unzipping the files, it creates some extra subfolders. In that case, delete all the extra stuff, leaving just the device folder (In this case "Fractal Filters")

NOTE: There is currently a bug in Live with hot-swapping presets that have modulators, such as the LFO device. So to make sure the presets are loaded correctly, always hot-swap them twice! Although Ableton may have fixed this issue by the time you get this device :)

*UPDATE 1.0.1*

- Now you can drop scala (.scl) files onto the scale menu object to load a custom scale/tuning!

*UPDATE 1.0.2*

- Fixed issue recalling scala files for presets

*UPDATE 1.0.3*

- Further attempts to prevent occasional explosive signals at high Q values

*UPDATE 1.0.4*

- Even further attempts to prevent "explosive" high gain samples

In-Depth long walkthrough:

You can also donate to me via paypal if you'd like to:

Issues etc:


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