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Swarmalators N

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Swarmalators N

Dillon Bastan
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FREE device! A sequel to "Swarmalators T", except this version is a MIDI effect that outputs MIDI notes! Swarmalators applies the "Swarmalators" model to control MIDI note outputs. More info is in the link below about Swarmalators. Because Swarmalators' positions and internal oscillators are all interconnected, they offer different dynamic possibilities from swarming to harmonic synchronization. The Swarmalators' XY positions can be mapped to the note out parameters like pitch, velocity, and duration. There are also various scale options for the pitches, as well as a mode that detects the pitches of a drum rack. The device can create generative melodies, harmonies, and drum patterns.


More info about Swarmalators:

TO INSTALL: Make sure no extra subfolders were created during unzipping/extraction and then drop the "Swarmalators N" folder here in: Ableton/user library/presets/midi effects/max midi effects . Make sure it is the "Swarmalators N" folder and not "Swarmalators N v1.x.x"

Make sure you have the latest version of Live 10 and Max!

A version but with a bank of oscillators instead:

*UPDATE v1.1.0*

Now it offers MPE support for Slide, Pressure and Note PB! You can now have continuously modulating parameters attached to each note voice for MPE enabled instruments (Live 11+ only). Also, you can have different waveform shapes for the internal LFO's which can modulate the MPE parameters.

For a video walkthrough you can refer to the Swarmalators T video, but just ignore the parts about the tone generators:



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