Markov Variations

Dillon Bastan
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**NOTE* Since the Live 11.1.1 update this device now has laggy behavior when getting information about variations. Once I've pinpointed and resolved the issue you may experience some lagginess when changing certain values. If this message is still here, then I haven't had the time to resolve it yet (unless it resolves itself if the issue was due to max/msp or ableton software changes)

FREE max for live device! **THIS REQUIRES LIVE 11** Use this device to transition between Variations (Variations are the new presets/snapshots feature in Ableton Live's Racks) using Markov Chains. The device detects the stored variations on an assigned Rack, then it transitions between them with probabilities (using Markov Chain). You can change the way that a new transition is triggered (either with a mappable button or automatically at a set interval or when detecting transients). There are features for gliding and changing other functionalities relating to probabilities.

I have included another device in the .zip file that sends a trigger when MIDI notes are received to a mapped parameter. This is useful if you want to trigger transitions from MIDI notes (the additional device is called "Note Trigger Map").



*TO INSTALL*    Drop the unzipped folder in: ableton/user library/presets/audio effects/max audio effects. Make sure it is the folder called "Markov Variations" and NOT the folder called "Markov Variations v1.x.x"). LIVE 11 ONLY!!



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Markov Variations

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